Notes on Anarchism: Lawlessness

Money is the law of the land–not justice or liberty for all, but liberty for the rich.  We live in a plutocracy, not a democracy.  Thus, our current social structure is truly lawless, for enough money (and power, for money equals power and vice versa) can effectively get one out of any legal skirmish.  The law, therefore, only applies to the poor, and is used as a means of protecting the interests of the political and economic elite.  The “lawless society” advocated by anarchists is one predicated on mutual aid, solidarity, and egalitarianism.  Under capitalism, there is no law but money/power.  Ergo, those who would denounce anarchy as impossible because a “lawless society” could not exist are actually denouncing our current political and economic system which is, in a very real sense, lawless.


Notes on Anarchism: State Logic

The Egyptian military has said that it will “deal decisively with violence” in the wake of the president’s ouster.  Such is the logic of the state and those in power: do something we don’t like, and as punishment, we will do the same to you–but with greater severity and complete impunity–and call it justice.